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Helium in her shoes 7.9 mb (mp3)

Heavily Crimsonian 4.8 mb (mp3)

nr. 3 4 mb (mp3)

nr. 4 2 mb (mp3)

nr. 5 2 mb (mp3)

nr. 6 2 mb (mp3)

Once upon a time (1996) I made some music with a friend Claus Poulsen. We called the project/band: Learning by drowning.

The tunes were recorded in a 2 room flat 1. floor, in Copenhagen on a 4 track cassette, no studio, no rehearsals, 2 overdubs.

Tune 1 called 'Helium in her shoes'. Basicly my riffs, arrangements by us both.

Claus : Musicman bassguitar chapman stick, drum-machine, tape with female voice, additional rythmguitar on the D piece.
Me: all other guitars with & whitout treatments & effects, echoguitars, sologuitars.

Intro (guitar with morley wah + mxr bluebox, guitar soundscape, chapman stick soundscape),
A piece + Bass + echoe guitar (basic pattern),
B piece with fripperish solo,
changing into:
C funky-Santana'ish piece with perhaps zappa'ish solo,
The return of the A piece (the echoe-rythm).

Tune 2. Basicly Claus Poulsens composition, but my strange chords, melodylines, tags and solos.
Heavily Crimsonian in style.
Claus: Bass, drum-machine, Chapman stick on the middle B part.
Me: all guitars

The other tunes are more jambased -

For the record my equipment used here was: Steinberger guitar, Roland GP8 (effects), MXR bluebox, MXR stereo chorus, Morley wah/volume, Boss overdrive OD 1. amp: Roland jc 120

Chapman stick 12 string version, musicman bass, cant remember his effect rack or amp, Yamaha drum machine.

Have fun or not :-)

Claus Poulsen: http://claus.menneske.dk